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> Customer Testimonials

"I just applied a fresh coat of XC last night which is my standard Pre-Race ritual before every race! Any...and every Edge in Competition makes a difference... and if your competition is using it...and you're not! Big Mistake!"

- Thomas "Maximus" Shahinian

"OnIt Products are great! XC, basically slides across the water which makes it easier to get on the swells. The more swells you get, will help you win races. If you don't have XC on your board, it's a lot more work and less time on the swells."

- Connor Baxter

" Chuck Patterson let us use some of the cream for a bunch of our races this year, and it worked insane! Thanks so much. "

- TJ Saeman

"I will not race with out a good coating of Xtreme Cream by Onit Pro on my board!! The stuff rocks!"

- Rob Rojas

"I won $10,000 at the "Battle of the Paddle" using XC on my Hobie Standup! I'm using it all the time now. Xtreme cream is faster than a sanded finish board! Thanks for the awesome product."

- Chuck Patterson

"On It Pro's Xtreme Cream helps raise my performance to the next level" The surface is much faster than a sanded finish and cleans up great!

- Danny Ching

"On it Pro gives me the confidence to know that I have prepared my board to maximize speed and be able to just go paddle hard during races and surfing to get the best results."

- Byron Kurt

"When your looking for that little extra in a race, every second & every advantage counts. Buy applying ONITPro, I know I'm giving myself & my board that extra glide I need to win the big ones. ONITPro works for me"

- Travis Grant

"My name is June Fladborg and I am an Extreme Pro Waterski jumper and a Jump World Record Holder. I use Onit pro on my skis. I love how it makes them so much faster and at the same time gets all residue from stickers, dirt etc off them. Im exited to join to the team, use lots of product and go big!"

- June Fladborg

"Preparation and performance are closely related. Preparing my boards for competition is part of my preparation ritual. Seeing the transformation of a surface go from rough to shine means I know my equipment is going to help me perform to the best of my ability. On It Pro, I don't travel without it, neither should you. Battle of the Paddle 2 time winner, SUP World Champion and speed seeker! "

- Annabel Anderson

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OnIt Pro SUP Deck and Paddle Wax is an all natural based wax that has a high melting point designed to provide extra grip and traction. The wax was specifically designed for SUP's with a UV inhibitor to ensure that the wax would not slough off, or flatten out.
Wrapped in recycled paper
Printed with recycled ink
Made with the highest quality organic ingredients
Our wax will be sure to get you the results you demand.


8oz Bottle of Xtreme Cream 4oz Bottle of Xtreme Cream 4oz Bottle of Bloo Goo 8oz Bottle of Bloo Goo
OnitPro Xtreme Cream
OnitPro Blue Goo

High Performance Bottom Coating

XC Increases speed by reducing friction on the bottom surface by over 15%. XC IS FASTER THAN A SANDED OR ROUGHED UP FINISH AND THE OLD TECHNOLOGY OF HYDROPHILLIC COATINGS, because it's polymer is more slippery than water! IT REALLY WORKS. WE HAVE MANY SUCCESS STORIES. Use for better response, reduced paddle fatigue, access to bigger waves and more radical tricks. XC resists salt and dirt and puts on a beautiful protective shine to keep your investment looking like new. Use on: Surfboards, Paddleboards, SUP's, Outrigger Canoes, Kayaks, Wakeboards or any epoxy or polyester fiberglass surface to give you that extra edge! 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

Environment Friendly Power Cleaner

Blue Goo removes the toughest dirt, grime, stains, scuff marks, minor scratches, oxidation and salt build-up. It's deep cleaning action preps the surface for the application of Xtreme Cream high performance bottom coating.

Womens Surf Style MagazineGO HIGHER, GO FASTER,

On It Pro H2O, located in Ventura, California is owned and operated by avid surfers and watermen. Our goal is to provide the most innovative and high tech products to the extreme sports market while giving excellent customer service. All of our products use space aged exotic materials and have been tested under the extreme conditions of the high performance marine industry to give you the best quality products available today! We have a core belief as a company to give something back to surfing and to hold a responsibility to enhance the way we live our surfing lifestyle by being committed to keeping our environment clean and healthy for our children so they can enjoy this beautiful planet the way we have throughout the years! All of our products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. We supply products that enhance all aspects of our chosen lifestyle, both in and out of the water.




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