About OnIt Pro

Based out of Southern California, OnIt Pro was founded in 2007 by avid surfers to give you the highest quality surf and water sports products with the promise of excellent customer service.

Keeping the beauty of our oceans in mind, all OIP products have the seal of green and are safe to use for our environment. That is our commitment to future generations who want to enjoy a clean and healthy planet we all love and cherish!

OnIt Pro is quickly becoming a world wide brand as many great champions boards and water crafts are using our products and sporting the ‘OnIt Pro’ logo. With thousands of visits on top of the podium, we’re keeping your equipment protected, clean and performing at its best, and aim to keep it that way!

Our eyes and ears are open to our customers needs and wants and we’ll make sure we continue to provide you the products and service you expect from our brand.

“Champions Trust OnIt Pro”--

Erik Nordskog

CEO of OnIt Pro LLC.